Want to elevate growth, morale, and profits?

The 3-Step Model for Winning in Life & Business

1. Think It !

2. Work It !

3. Do It !

Joyce Rice Action Speaker

Joyce Rice

The Transformational and Entertaining Keynote Speaker

A Former World Champion Athlete Shares Her Winning Principles and Strategies

Speaks From Her Heart To Help Listeners Develop The Best Within Themselves

Learn a Champion's proven principles and strategies to:

  • Maximize and utilize talent
  • Accelerate growth consistently
  • Master use of clarity, commitment and courage
  • Keep you and your team motivated, energized and goal oriented
  • Innovate, turning ordinary into extraordinary, scalable and sustainable

More About Joyce

Joyce is an inspiring transformational keynote speaker and author on human potential and elevating performance levels.

Her experiences shared in story form with empowering life lessons are Intriguing, Compelling and Entertaining.

Witness innovation in action.

Be empowered with her proven strategies used to become a world champion and enhanced during a lifetime of creating, building, marketing and presenting unique programs and businesses ... always utilizing strengths, aiming high and exceeding expectations!

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Think it! Work it! Do it! is about how YOU can reach and exceed your desires, goals, and dreams …  How to Win in Life and Win in Business.

Joyce shares her proven success strategies and principles, with profound and memorable life lessons in story form.

You are capable of fulfilling your desires, goals, and dreams. Use this book as your guide and be in control of your life—a life filled with success and happiness!